RGB History

The Rede Governança Brasil was created by João Augusto Ribeiro Nardes together with his advisor, Luís Afonso Gomes Vieira, and his daughter, Cristiane Nardes Farinon, on July 7, 2019. The first meeting of the group was held on the twenty-seventh of August the same year, in Brasilia. At the time, there were few members.


RGB arose out of a greater purpose and sense of urgency about the need for an effective implementation of good governance within the scope of public administration. Augusto Nardes felt that only his work, in an attempt to disseminate good governance practices throughout Brazil, knocking door to door on public bodies, governments and city halls and giving lectures to sensitize the authorities, in addition to the books published on the subject, did not enough, he needed a network of contacts to support the cause with him. It was for this purpose that the Rede Governança Brasil was founded, in order to gain capillarity in the country, reach the states and municipalities with the methodology.

Nardes noted, throughout his journey, that many people, including him, faced the challenge of working with governance and integrity on a daily basis. It was in this daily search that people interested in joining the movement started to appear, one person passed the message on to the other, and so the network grew quickly.

Today RGB is present in 21 states, with almost 200 volunteers working collaboratively for a better country. All employees go through a filter, in which it is evaluated whether those interested in participating have a strong connection with governance and, mainly, whether they can contribute to volunteer work, as this requires investing a certain amount of time and dedication.

Even today, RGB with all its volunteers has been doing memorable work for society, converging its efforts to make public administration more integral and efficient, every day, its employees work to transform Brazil.

Who we are

WE ARE a collaborative and technically qualified NETWORK, composed of public servants, managers and technicians, teachers, specialists and society, who jointly work for Governance in Public Administration.

Collaborative work is in our DNA, as we want to promote a more prosperous and integral Brazilian society by promoting the mechanisms of Public Governance: Leadership, Strategy and Control.

We are an optimistic team that works for BRAZIL. Collaborators, technicians and managers, professionals from different areas, making us a multidisciplinary team and servers from all spheres: Federal, State, District and Municipal.

We believe and fight for a better country. From Governance to Hope!

Our vision

Our mission

Disseminate Public Governance in Brazil and Latin America, with integration, stimulating the implementation of the policy in all spheres: Federal, State, District and Municipal, and also in the three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. We work to transform Public Administration.

To be recognized as an entity that promotes the implementation of Public Governance in Brazil in an integral, ethical, transparent manner and with a focus on delivering value to society, contributing to a more competitive and socially and economically developed country in a sustainable manner.

Our Purpose

Promote a State that executes its public policies based on efficient, effective and effective deliveries to society, capable of disseminating good practices of Public Governance in a prosperous way to Public Administration.

Our values

I - Pro-activism: Commitment to the training of public agents, the development and dissemination of good governance practices in all federated entities, agencies, secretariats, autarchies, foundations, etc;

II - Independence: Sovereignty in the principles, zeal for the image and impartiality in the face of any interest groups;

III - Diversity: Valuing and encouraging a multiplicity of ideas and opinions;

IV - Collaborativism: Participants in the BRAZIL Governance Network work collaboratively, valuing the cooperative spirit to institutionally promote good practices in Public Governance; and

V - Coherence: Harmony between the principles of Public Governance, reliability, transparency, integrity, accountability, responsiveness and regulatory improvement.

Action plan

link to download the action plan in PDF. This document will be sent by Douglas.

Action plan

link to download the action plan in PDF. This document will be sent by Douglas.

Action plan

link to download the action plan in PDF. This document will be sent by Douglas.

Action plan

link to download the action plan in PDF. This document will be sent by Douglas.


The order for the development of Brazil will consist not of a single normative act, but through action and coordination, which together will bring hope back.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Our work is organized through chambers and committees:

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